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*Pictured above:  30" Nolting Quilting Machine and a Fun Quilter
Our Quilting Machines....

At Country Corner Quilt Shop we proudly use, sell, and service Nolting quilting machines. Because we have been using these machines for years, we know they are the best in the industry. We know you will enjoy quilting with them and encourage you to see for yourself by coming to Country Corner Quilt Shop and testing one out.

We’re happy to show you our quilting studio so you can see the beautiful work these machines can do and decide which one works best for your needs.

If you would like more information on any of these quilting machines, on used quilting machines or on Nolting machines that you do not see here, click on the questions link to fill out a form or call us at  (870) 437-2299.

Pro Series 24

For professional quilters, we highly recommend the Pro Series 24. This quilting machine saves quilters time with its dual controls that bring stitch length, speed control and needle down placement right to your fingertips.  Fully adjustable handles allow those same fingertips to set the machine to the perfect position for any style of work.

While these features greatly improve the quilting experience, what makes the Pro Series 24 perfect for the professional quilter is its stitch regulation system. Integrated with IntelliStitch technology, this stitch regulation system is the finest on the market. This system gives the machine its unique "Firing Stitch" that gives beautiful stitch regulation from 1 stitch per inch to 16 stitches per inch.

The Pro Series 24 makes quilting easier than ever with its fully adjustable handles, its lightweight design, and its dual controls. Its adjustable handles provides better visibility, its lightweight design encourages longer working time and its dual controls allow greater efficiency.The only things this machine doesn’t have are overhead wiring and a loud surging sound, features which will not be missed.

Fun Quilter 17, 20
For beginning quilters, we recommend the The Fun Quilter as it will make quilting easier and more fun than it already is.  Now available with a 17 or 20 inch throat depth, the Fun Quilter is strong, yet lightweight at only 35 pounds. This quilting machine works especially well for experimenting quilters as it allows for both custom and pantograph quilting. Its front handles provide the necessary mobility for custom quilting while its rear handles and metal pointer provide the steady consistency needed for pantograph quilting.

Quilters can quilt as quickly or as slowly as they’d like with the Fun Quilter’s adjustable speed control that allows up to 2000 stitches per minute. Additional features include a round hopping foot for using rulers and templates and drilled holes to attach popular circle makers. These features, in combination with the fluorescent light above the needle,  make the Fun Quilter the perfect quilting machine for quilting at home.
  • Nolting Pro Series 24 - Call
  • Nolting Fun Quilter 17 - call
  • Nolting Fun Quilter 20 - call
  • * Additional options available - Contact Us
  • * All Fun Quilters are sold with a stitch regulator and table.
  • * Each price includes the complete package.
Included Items
  • machine oil
  • extra bobbins
  • extra needles
  • a manual
  • free delivery (within 150 miles)
  • free set up
  • free training