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About Us

Our History

In the midst of Civil War battle sites and the beautiful Ozark Mountains, Country Corner Quiltshop provides customers with excellent service and top of the line products.

Since 1986, when the store was built, we have been sharing our interest in and knowledge of quilting with all who want it. We have not only shared what we know, but have learned a great deal from what our customers teach us. Quilting is not a business to us, it is a part of life.

Our Experience

Having a quilt shop for 25 years has given us hundreds of experiences through which we have sharpened our knowledge of fabric, long arm machines, quilting and a number of other things. Because we have been long arm quilting since it came upon the scene, our experience and knowledge of long arm quilting is great and vast. We use this knowledge to benefit our customers as we constantly sell, service and use Nolting long arm machines. We invite all to visit our long arm quilting studio where 4 machines are constantly employed in creating beautiful designs 6 days a week.

Our Products

At Country Corner Quilt Shop, you will find products that are truly unique. In addition to carrying over 5000 bolts of the best quality fabric, we carry our original Cracker Jack Quilt Kit and original patterns. We created the Cracker Jack Quilt Kit with 42 ten-inch squares cut from 21 different fabrics to save customers time, money, and frustration. The pre-cut, pre-matched kits leave plenty of room for originality while saving you energy. In addition to saving energy, we encourage new ideas by giving our customers our original designs that they will not find anywhere else.

Our products reach beyond original kits, colorful fabric and unique patterns to include top of the line quilting machines. As Nolting dealers, we pride ourselves on selling the best quilting machines in the industry. We are happy to provide our customers with information and advice so they may choose the best quilting machine for their needs.

Our Customers

Our customers are the most important part of our store and have made the years of hard work enjoyable. We love to help our customers pick out the perfect fabric or decide upon a quilting design as they tell us about their special project. Over the years we have met so many talented people with different backgrounds, techniques, and styles. We have enjoyed learning from all or our customers and hope we teach them something in return.

We welcome tour buses, guilds, quilting groups and everyone else to come and enjoy what we enjoy everyday. Look at our thousands of fabrics, walk through our long arm studio, and pick up some tips along the way. If you are bringing a large group, call us ahead of time and we would love to set up a program for you.
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